Friday, February 26, 2010

Kennedy Claims Yet Another Endorsement

Melina Kennedy picks up another endorsement in the Mayoral Marathon.

International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 103
Today, the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 103 endorsed former Indianapolis Deputy Mayor Melina Kennedy's candidacy for mayor of Indianapolis. IUOE Local 103 President and Business Manager Bruce Tarvin described Kennedy as “an expert job-creator.”

The endorsement comes on the heals of previous labor endorsements for Kennedy, including: Laborers Local 120, AFSCME Local 1887, Insulators & Asbestos Workers Local 18 and Ironworkers Local 22.

"Melina knows how to grow our local economy and create new jobs. Her vision of a local economy centered on innovation and connectivity is the kind of leadership we believe in,” Tarvin said.

Kennedy thanked IUOE Local 103. "I am honored to have this endorsement and want to thank the members of Local 103 for their commitment to our city," said Kennedy.


Anonymous said...

You have to admire the establishment. They are trying EVERYTHING to get Melina elected. Best of Luck. There is no one she can beat Greg Ballard.

Anonymous said...

Why would all of her endorsers take the chance if they didn't think she could win. Only hurts them to be out this early if she doesn't win. Nice talking point though. I guess all the CEO who endorsed her are the establishment as well?

Anonymous said...

Dearest Brian,

1. Where are your endorsements?

2. Are you attacking organized labor as "the establishment"? PLEASE continue to do so.

3. BTW, does the UAW know about that foreign car you used to drive?

4. In addition, did you EVER attend one of Tim Durham's parties? Pictures?


Durham Heger

Anonymous said...

Brian, when are you going to return any money donated to you by Tim Durham or his associates or money you made while in business with him.

Jon E. Easter said...

First of all, I don't know who you are addressing as Brian here. It very well may be Williams posting, but I doubt it.

Secondly, I believe Williams has been open about his dealings with Tim Durham both on this blog and elsewhere. It is pretty clear that he did not make any money. In fact, it appears the opposite happened.

Let's stick to what Brian has done rather than other issues. Just my opinion.

As far as me being the my disclaimer. These opinions are mine.