Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In My Inbox: Democratic Reception Wintry for Coats

My inbox blew up this morning with nasty grams aimed at Congressman turned Senator turned Ambassador turned lobbyist turned Harriet Miers advocate turned lobbyist turned prospective Senatorial candidate, Dan Coats.

From the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee:
Options Include Commonwealth Pols: Jerry Kilgore, George Allen, Jim Gilmore, Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, Jim Webb

As A Registered Voter in Virginia, Coats Can’t Even Sign His Own Petition to Run For Senate In Indiana

As registered lobbyist Dan Coats weighs a run for the United States Senate from Indiana, new information shows that Coats has not been a registered voter in Indiana for at least a decade. POLITICO is reporting that Coats, a resident of Falls Church, Virginia, voted in the Virginia primary and general elections of 2000, the 2002 and 2004 general elections, the primary and general elections of 2005, and in general elections in 2006, 2007, and 2008. As a registered Virginian voter and taxpayer, Coats cannot sign his own petition to run for Senate in Indiana.

“Being a Virginian and registered lobbyist is bad enough for Dan Coats. But right now Coats cannot even sign his own petition to run for Senate in Indiana,” said Deirdre Murphy, DSCC National Press Secretary. “Now that he is weighing running for office in Indiana, Hoosiers should question if a man who lobbies for special interests in DC and votes in Virginia, is the right person to represent them in the Senate.”

Numerous news outlets are reporting Coats is likely to run for the United States Senate from Indiana. Coats is a federally registered lobbyist whose client lists include banks, private equity firms, and defense contractors. Coats, a Washington DC insider who lined his own pockets as taxpayers spent $700 billion bailing out Wall Street banks, has not voted in Indiana in the past ten years.

Coats Would Be Unable to Sign His Own Nomination Petition. In order to sign the petition to nominate a candidate, that individual must be a duly qualified registered voter in Indiana. According to Politico, Coats is registered to vote in Virginia, not Indiana. [Indiana Petition Of Nomination For Federal, State, State Legislature Or Local Office; Politico, 2/03/10]

Politico: Coats registered to vote in Virginia, not Indiana
Ben Smith
February 3, 2010

Former Senator Dan Coats, who will challenge Evan Bayh for his old seat from Indiana, has resided and voted in Virginia for at least a decade, according to public records.

Coats, who resigned from the Senate in 1999, voted in the Virginia primary and general elections in 2000, according to data from the Virginia Secretary of State, provided by a Democratic source.

He voted in Virginia again in the 2002 and 2004 general elections, while he was serving as U.S. Ambassador to Germany; in the primary and general elections in 2005; and in general elections in 2006, 2007, and 2008. Data from the most recent election wasn't immediately available.

Coats residence, according to state election authorities, is in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Falls Chuch.

Coats decision to shift his registration and his residence away from his home state as soon as he left the Senate isn't unusual for retiring politicians who don't plan to return to elective office, but it adds ammunition to Democrats' charge that the former Senator, now a lobbyist, has gone Washington.

And from the Indiana Democratic Party:
Dear Jon,

On behalf of Hoosiers everywhere, we'd like to welcome back Dan Coats to the State of Indiana.

After more than a decade working, living, and voting in Washington, D.C., it seems that Mr. Coats has decided to come back for a visit. The announcement that he is considering a run for the U.S. Senate has come as a surprise for those of us who haven't seen or heard from the Republican in a good many years.

No worries. Our welcome basket will soon be in the mail.

As soon as Mr. Coats lands, however, maybe he can find some spare time to talk to real Hoosiers about the issues that have been affecting this state while he was away. A lot has changed since Coats abandoned the Hoosier State for the posh life of a Washington insider.

While he's at it, perhaps Dan Coats can tell us about what he has been up to since he left town. He seems to have done well -- being a registered lobbyist for major financial institutions is a great job inside the Beltway from what we hear.

And with those banks receiving billions in TARP bailout money under his watch, it's hard to imagine Mr. Coats hasn't been reaping the benefits of that taxpayer money.

Between all of that lobbying, heading up the failed Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers, and championing Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign, it's no wonder that Dan Coats was too busy to stop in and spend time in our state over the last decade.

Regardless, we wanted to extend our welcome -- if Mr. Coats would just let us know whether he wants the welcome basket to go to his Virginia address or his extended stay suite here in Indiana, that would be a great help.

Coats also just has two weeks to get 500 signatures from each of Indiana's nine U.S. House Districts. That's going to be a stretch even for him.


Chris Spangle said...

If you ever needed an example of how misguided and dysfunctional the national GOP is... Here is your answer. Is the the GOP talent pool here REALLY that shallow? (Rhetorical Question.)

Doug said...

I would never vote for Coats, but be careful about raising the residency issue against him.
See: Evan Bayh, 1988 Indiana gubernatorial campaign.

Anonymous said...

I dont want to be in the position of defending Bayh since he is one of my least favorite Democrats now. His residency was never legally questionably. That was a political move by the Repubs to try and discredit him. As the dependent of a U. S. Senator, his residency in Virginia was due to his father's service. He was always registerd to vote in Indiana and attended I.U.. Then as a college student in law school, he was still a legal voting resident of Indiana. That is why the courts ruled as they did. I would love for Evan to have a strong GOP challenge as it would force him into some introspection and maybe he could decide if he really wanted to be a Democrat. Perhaps he would stop his opposition to Obama and his bashing of Democrats and those who help elect Democrats.