Friday, February 26, 2010

Greg Ballard: Slick Video Production At Work

It's amazing what a savvy video production crew can do to even the most bland politician.

What a great campaign pie...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH...snort...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (laughs for another five minutes and 22 seconds).

Sorry for laughing...but did she actually say that he's helping us keep more money? Did she tout Wishard Hospital as an accomplishment...didn't WE vote that in? Visionary leadership? Huh? Do these people think we are stupid? Biggest political upset in Indiana history? REALLY? How about Obama over McCain? Quayle over Birch Bayh?

I must say that the production quality is way way up over the ads from the previous campaigns though.

Hat tip to Terry Burns for posting this first on his blog.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

I agree that the Ballard victory was not the biggest upset, certainly viewed by expecations on Election Day. Most people in the know suspected Ballard had passed Peterson and the Election win wasn't that much of a suspect. Yes, viewed 2-3 months or more out, it would be viewed as a major upset. But not 2-3 days out.

On the other hand, nobody thought Quayle could win in 1980 when he won. Also nbody though Republicans would win prosecutor in 1994 when incumbent Modesitt lost to newcomer Scott Newman. Those were bigger upsets if you look at them the result versus expectations 2-3 days out.