Thursday, February 4, 2010

GOP Trying to Raise Money Off Meeting with Obama

Politico is reporting that the Republicans are trying to raise money for the upcoming midterm elections off of their performance at the "President's Questions" session they held with Obama last week.

They might wish to reconsider. Here's Jon Stewart's take.

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Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart is a pompous ass. What is sad is that a majority of young Democrats get their news and opinions from this less than funny, false prophet.

Jon E. Easter said...

I think you give Jon too much credit and overlook the fact that young Democrats are pretty smart. Stewart does do some pretty good journalism using his brand of humor sometimes, but I think we all see him for what he is. It's not 60 Minutes or even Glenn Beck. Still, he does some significant work by filling the "court jester" role.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are smart and for the most part under rated. Great things are happening for us.

Health care is going well

Tons of Transparency in DC

Christmas eve political tatics

The Base in CUBA

The 911 killers and the trial in NYC.

Lost Teds seat

The Chief o staff calling people retarted.

Yep, pretty smart. Things seem to be going very well. Kind of like a Hollywood train wreck. The band wagon has long been stuck in the mudd. The smartones are jumping ship as fast as they can. Yep, pretty smart.

Jon E. Easter said...

Let's answer your sarcasm point by point...

1.) A health care plan has been passed for the first time ever through the House and the Senate. It didn't go far enough, but the majority of people will support the plan when and if the House and Senate can come to agreement on a bill.

2.) There is transparency. The White House is much more open than it has been this century.

3.) I don't know if I'd call it "tactics." Seems to me they were trying to get health care through the Senate. A nut has yet to be turned on the new health care system.

4.) Guantanamo is still open, but it's on its way out.

5.) The U.S. tried the "20th Hijacker" in Minneapolis. We all know what happened there. NOTHING. Anyway, the President has changed his mind on that.

6.) Coakley did nothing to win. She was lazy, and Brown worked it hard. This was a bitter disappointment.

7.) Rahm Emanuel has had a reputation for being uncouth at times. The actions of Emanuel should not reflect on "young Democrats."

Jolie Mason said...

Oh, I'm a young democrat and work hard to get my news from multiple, fact-checking sources that are becoming all too rare. Jon Stewart makes me laugh and sometimes he makes a point. He isn't news, and I doubt anyone thinks of him as such. He is, however, pretty good at fairly laying out facts which he then skewers with his opinions. Much like the Blogosphere.

I disagree with something though, as a child of some of those GOP followers. I'm the black sheep. You'd be shocked what they can use to garner support, even failures. These days everyone wants to make the case that they are "raging against the machine", even when they are the machine. It's good politics. It's all spin.

I truly believe that to save our democracy we must save our newspapers or reinvent them somehow. Nothing can protect the populous better than journalistic ethics.