Friday, February 5, 2010

Bad Start to Year for Council Republicans

All is not quite right on the right of the City-County Council. In fact, things seem to be quite unsettled for Republicans at the moment.

Although Ryan Vaughn was elected President of the Council for this year, the Republicans were barely able to stave off a coup attempt that was helped along by someone that should be a friend to the Republicans, ex-Republican-turned-Libertarian, Ed Coleman.

Word now comes that At-Large Councillor Kent Smith, former Vice President of the Council, must resign his post due to his heroic service in the Indiana National Guard. While some on the far right of the Republican Party have lambasted Smith for his support of some proposals on the council (such as the comprehensive smoking ban), Smith has done an admirable job as a Councillor, and I think everyone wishes him well in his new role with the National Guard. Olgen Williams’ son (and former student of mine) Aaron Williams is among a handful of Republicans that might replace Smith on the Council.

The day after Smith announces that he has to step down, word comes that an IMPD internal investigation has forced District 25 Councillor Lincoln Plowman onto paid administrative leave. He plans to continue to serve on the Council. Plowman was first elected to the Council in 2003, and, in the past, served as Council Majority Leader. What the investigation is about is a mystery at this point.

However you slice it, it’s been a bad start to the new year for Council Republicans.

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