Friday, January 29, 2010

Who's Making the Rounds: Full House at Perry Dems Meeting; Orentlicher Speaks Out on Slating

Approximately 50 people showed up at the Perry Township Democratic Club meeting yesterday evening.

Newly-hired political director of the Marion County Democratic Party, Scott Carr, spoke to the assembled Dems and candidates regarding a variety of topics of interest. First of all, he encouraged Dems to sign up with Marion County Clerk Beth White to run for Precinct Committeeperson and State Convention Delegate. If you're interested in doing this, you can find the forms on White's website at or simply by following this link. Carr also briefly addressed the upcoming slating convention to be held on February 13. Current Democratic Ward Chairs, Vice Ward Chairs, Precinct Committeepersons and Vice Precinct Committeepersons will come together at the Indiana State Fairgrounds to select the slate for the 2009 Marion County Democratic Party Ticket.

Nearly all major candidates for slating were in attendance including all three Democrats running for Marion County Prosecutor. Greg Bowes spoke first and again repeated his opposition to slating and his refusal to sign the party slating agreement. Terry Curry spoke next and talked at length about his qualifications for the job and that he had signed the slating agreement and had said from the beginning of the campaign that he would abide by it. That means that if he loses at slating, he would drop out. David Orentlicher took the stage last, and he gave a great talk about his qualifications for the job. Orentlicher did not give any indication about his slating plans.

I found this interesting because some individuals had recently approached me asking if I knew what David O planned to do after slating if he were not to win. They told me that they had heard through the grapevine that Orentlicher was planning on a run against the slate.

David has raised over $180,000 towards his campaign outdistancing his competitors. So, with that war chest, some have thought he might be stocking up for a run against the slate if his fortunes aren't good. Put those thoughts to rest. I spoke with Orentlicher in the hallway after the meeting, and I asked him if he would be abiding by the slating agreement. He said quickly and simply, "Sure."

To me, that means he will go through slating and abide by the results whatever they may be. That said, he clearly expects to win at slating forcing Terry Curry out of the race. "I think it will go well," said Orentlicher.

Bowes, on the other hand, has seemingly about worn out his welcome in some rooms. After being at times challenged on his right to even speak at other clubs recently, An officeholder and a candidate going through slating took dead aim at Bowes' argument about slating and his decision to not go through the process.

Marion County Recorder Julie Voorhies encouraged "her brother Greg" Bowes to come back into the fold and be a part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Col. John Layton, running for Marion County Sheriff, also told Bowes that perhaps he should be trying to change the process from within the system rather than trying to buck it from the outside. It should be noted that Bowes has been through slating in previous runs for office at the City-County Council level and for Marion County Assessor, where he currently serves.

Besides those previously mentioned in the body of the blog post other sitting officeholders at the meeting included:
Ed Bell, Beech Grove Council
Steve Eicholtz, Marion County Superior Court Judge
George Farley, Center Township Board
Debbie Jenkins, Marion County Surveyor
Larry Ryan, Center Township Board
Jose Salinas, Marion County Superior Court Judge
Mark Stoner, Marion County Superior Court Judge
Becky Pierson-Treacy, Marion County Superior Court Judge
Beth White, Marion County Clerk (running for re-election in 2010)

Besides those previously mentioned in the body of the blog post, other candidates for office in 2010 or 2011 at the meeting included:
Mike Dunigan, Perry Township Constable
Christopher Jackson, City-County Council District 22
Brian Williams, Mayor of Indianapolis

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