Monday, January 25, 2010

We're Going To The Super Bowl...AGAIN!!!

The Indianapolis Colts are headed back to the Super Bowl for the second time since the team pulled up its Baltimore stakes and moved to Indianapolis. This time, the boys in blue will be playing the New Orleans Saints.

If the Colts were not in this game, I would be saying "Who Dat." Not gonna happen now. GO COLTS!

Nothing political about this one although I'm sure that you can pretty much count on various members of city and county government going to Miami to watch the Horseshoes in person. The Colts have, as a franchise, now been to four Super Bowls (two in Baltimore and two in Indianapolis), and all four have quizzically been in...MIAMI! So, as Dorothy says, "HIT IT ROSE!"

Back to politics tomorrow...for now, GO BLUE!!!


guy77money said...

Once the New York Jets beat the San Diego Chargers last week we were already Super Bowl bound. There isn't a rookie quarterback alive who could beat Manning in a playoff game!

Anonymous said...

Ok... Can someone please blog about how Ballard ran against the Colts and Lucas Oil Stadium in 2007 and now is embracing their very success??!! What a hypocrite!

Pay close attention to who pays for his expenses as he travels to Miami for the Super Bowl.

Anonymous said...

Your Golden Girls clip is great. Betty White was honored with a lifetime achievement award at the recent SAG awards. She just turned 88 and her acceptance speech was the funniest of the evening. 71 years in show business and still going strong.