Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Humor: Quayle Hunting, a Blast from the Past

Ok...let's have some fun with the old straw man himself, Dan Quayle. For those readers younger than 25, this man was once the Vice President of the United States (under George H.W. Bush) and a Senator from Indiana. Somehow, he beat Birch Bayh to become a U.S. Senator. I think he also gives us a glimpse of what a Sarah Palin vice presidency might have been like. The policies would have stunk, but comedians would have had a field day.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the Joe Biden Edition to come out. I guess Quayle had one thing going for him...he wasn't a plagarist.

Anonymous said...

Quayle-Palin in 2012???

(To the tune of "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off)

Things have come to a great impasse, Our chances look pretty flat, For you say this and the other while I say this and that. Goodness knows what the outcome will be; Oh I don't know where I'm at... It looks as if we two cannot be elected. Something must be done to get us respected.


You say Teabagger and I say Teablogger, You say Potato and I say Potatoe,
Teabagger, Teablogger, Potato, Potatoe, Let's call the whole thing off!

But oh! If we call the whole thing off, then the party would drift from the right. And oh! If we should ever part, what would Olbermann do for sound bytes?

So if you say Rooshia and I say Russia, I'll say Rooshia and give up Russia. For we know we need each other, So we better call the calling off---off.
Yes, let's call the whole thing off!!!