Saturday, January 2, 2010

Now That He's Okay...

Let the Rush Limbaugh jokes begin! Limbaugh was admitted to the hospital earlier this week in Hawai'i after having severe chest pains. ABC News reported that Limbaugh told reporters that the cause of the chest pain was unknown and that nothing was wrong. So, let's have some fun with his Rushness...

Upon admittance to the hospital, doctors were privately surprised to find out that Limbaugh had a heart.

Dick Cheney felt such kinship towards Limbaugh's problems that he immediately called him to give him the name of the guy that made his artificial heart.

Glenn Beck is already hard at work planning a series of shows exposing a conspiracy by President Obama to take out Limbaugh. After all, Limbaugh and Obama were in Hawai'i at the same time.

While nothing was wrong with Limbaugh's heart, doctors did have trouble pulling Limbaugh's head out of his rectum and diagnosed him with an extra large ego.

The ABC report says that Limbaugh said the staff at the hospital made his stay there "almost like a hotel." I guess that is the kind of hotel Limbaugh is accustomed to...where they pump things into your veins and take your blood.

In all honesty, I'm glad that Rush is just fine. Whatever your opinion of his ideas and his, what I would consider, skewed world view are, he is a person. I don't wish ill on anyone, and I would never start doing so with Limbaugh even as he continues to stoke the fires of conservative rancor.

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Anonymous said...

Rush deserves all the kind wishes that he would give to someone who disagrees with him.