Thursday, January 28, 2010

King Ro Announces Run for At-Large City-County Council

At the Lawrence Township Democratic Club meeting on Wednesday night, my sources tell me that Lonnell "King Ro" Conley announced that he will be attempting to rejoin the City-County Council in 2011.

Conley was bounced from the Council in 2007 on that horrible night for Democrats that gave us Mayor Greg Ballard instead of four more years of Bart Peterson. The Marion County GOP ran a 2-for-1 campaign against "King Ro" and Rozelle Boyd in 2007 by posting campaign signs saying essentially that "King Ro" had voted to raise taxes over 60 times. While "King Ro" was on the ballot as such, I would offer that Rozelle Boyd (who had served well on the Council since 1965) was likely adversely affected by the campaign because Boyd's first name and Conley's nickname are so similar. Let's face it, too. The 0.65 rise in the county option income tax didn't help either. Where is that money now Mayor Ballard...I digress though.

Conley joins Annette Johnson, John Barth, Zach Adamson, and, presumably, incumbent Councillor Joanne Sanders as Democratic At-Large candidates.


indyernie said...

Will Ro swear off raising taxes? ...Didn’t think so. If Ro is the best that you D's can do your in trouble. Ro saw his seat on the CC as a undeserved paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Just say no to King Ro! He was self-serving and clueless. If the D's want to win all 4 at-large, they need strong, ethical candidates.

Anonymous said...

Ro was part of the reason we lost our at large spots in the last election. He always runs poorly and has poor campaign skills. He even sleeps during council meetings. His time has come and gone. We need new faces and fresh ideas on the council. Ro does not fit that need.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Brian Williams will get some common sense and divert his efforts to this seat.