Thursday, January 7, 2010

José Evans Calls for Klein's Resignation

Yesterday, in a news release, City-County Councillor and potential candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis, José Evans, announced that he had personally delivered a letter to Mayor Greg Ballard requesting the resignation of Matthew T. Klein, the Executive Director of the Department of Waterworks. Here is the text of the news release:

INDIANAPOLIS - In a move to protect the safety of our infrastructure, residents and the utility workers that maintains the city's water system, City-County Councillor Jose Evans hand delivered a letter to Mayor Greg Ballard requesting the resignation of Matthew T. Klein, Executive Director of the Department of Waterworks.

This comes on the heels of the Department of Waterworks missing out on almost 1 million dollars of stimulus money to the residents of Marion County under Mr. Klein's supervision. In addition to the stimulus money, under Mr. Klein's direction and recommendation to the Waterworks board another $700,000 was approved to hire CM2 Hill to oversee the management company hired to operate the water utility.

"At a time when our city is looking to save money and facing major infrastructure improvements, Mr. Klein's administration is spending nearly a million dollars to build a larger bureaucracy within our water utility," said Councilor Jose Evans.

"Notwithstanding the previous mentioned items, I have also been made aware of issues regarding the lack of oversight from Mr. Klein's department with regards to airport water system construction and for allowing the continued illegal siphoning of Indianapolis water to the town of Pittsboro."

"In this critical time for the City of Indianapolis, we need strong and effective leadership for our people. The recent controversies and negative publicity surrounding our water utility falls directly under Matthew Klein's authority. Because of these failures it's clear that he is not in a position to lead our water utility in a direction to safeguard and protect our residents and water customers in the future."

Jose Evans represents the northwest corner of Pike Township on the Indianapolis City-County Council. A member of the Council since 2008, Evans made history as the first Democrat elected to represent District 1. Evans was raised in the Haughville neighborhood of Indianapolis and is a graduate of Cathedral High School. He earned a B.A. in Political Science and English from the University of Indianapolis and an M.B.A. from Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana.

So, why the news release?

Last month, Evans told Indianapolis Monthly he was 95 percent sure he was getting into the race for Mayor, and this clearly signals the first move in that direction by the freshman Councillor who, as the release says, represents the most northwestern part of Marion County. Makes you wonder why he's holding off on announcing his candidacy. Generally, City-County Councillors don't go through the trouble of doing these sorts of public news releases unless they are running for something else.

Announced candidates Brian Williams and Melina Kennedy have been out working the clubs and pulling in support. Evans has yet to really get his campaign off the ground and has not been a regular at club functions, at least on the Southside of Marion County.


Anonymous said...

From what I know about this Councilor, he doesn't make fast moves. The election is still 2 years away. If I had to make a guess Evans will announce within the next few months.

Anonymous said...

Who cares... he won't go anywhere. Seems that Kennedy has done the work to be the Dem nominee. Has all labor support, biz support and what looks to be much of the party rank and file support.

I attend many party meetings/functions and I rarely see Evans at any of them. Kennedy is at most of them and even Williams is at quite a few. Evans has lost too much ground to these two to enter race now.