Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Bayh or Die for Liberals

Fellow liberals, it’s time to forgive and forget and embrace Evan Bayh because we do not want six years of John Hostettler...or even that Mike Pence has stepped aside.

Recent polling should serve as a wake-up call to Democrats all across the state showing that the race is closer than any of us had imagined. If you didn't see yesterday's post, a Rasmussen poll conducted on January 21-24 showed Bayh leading former Rep. John Hostettler, 44-41. Thankfully, Pence, who was leading Bayh by three percentage points, has removed himself from the running.

For those planning to sit the bench this 2010 election and let Bayh go it alone, do so at your own peril. You don't have to contribute to him if you do not want to do it, but please don't let Republicans elect someone against your self interests. Pledge like I am to show up at the ballot box and re-elect Senator Bayh. I don't mean to fearmonger, but, if Democrats fail to show on November 2, the results could be disasterous for Indiana.

Let’s not forget who John Hostettler is. In 1995, he advocated killing the Department of Education and the Direct Loan Program. At an April 2002 meeting with breast cancer survivors, he reportedly tried to make a causal link between abortions and breast cancer. In 2004, he was detained at the Louisville airport for carrying a gun in his briefcase through security. He plead guilty to carrying a concealed weapon and plea bargained a 60-day sentence in jail that was discharged without him serving it. In 2005, Hostettler accused Democrats of waging a war on Christianity. He is a crusader that will only take us backwards. His only redeeming quality is his anti-war stance. He was one of the very few Republicans to take up the cause against his own President on Iraq. Otherwise, as previously said in other posts, he makes Rick Santorum look like a liberal.

Let's not forget the gaggle of wackiness running against Hostettler for the GOP nod. State Senator Marlin Stutzman, Financial Advisor Don Bates, and that wacky tea bagger Richard Behney. Abdul Hakim-Shabazz has more on Behney here.

Grudgingly, it’s time to let bygones be bygones with Bayh and help lift him into a third term in the United States Senate. The alternatives are too diametrically opposite to anything advocated by the Democratic Party. For all Dems, it’s time to board the Bayh bandwagon…unless you want to empower the Garrisons, the Dr. Laura's, the Rushes, the Coulters, and the Malkins. That’s what you’re getting with Hostettler.


Tim said...

What's wrong with Don Bates Jr.? Even though he's a Republican, he's a solid Hoosier -- concerned more about what's best for Indiana than what's best for the Republican Party.

Bayh has been bought and paid for with special interest money. He supported health care to win Democratic support, and now he's throwing it under the bus to win moderate support.

Democrats can do better than Bayh ... by crossing over and voting for Don Bates Jr. who's a tool of neither party and would represent Indiana.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Actually, Tim, Bates is indeed a tool - haven't you met him? Don Bates Jr. just is not a particularly useful one.

Anonymous said...

Bayh has been good for Indiana. But when he sold his soul on healthcare and the sate of Indiana did not get $300,000,000 like other states, he is out of here.

If he is going to sell his vote at least get something for it.

Don Bates is weak.