Monday, January 11, 2010

Mail Call: Carson Sends Report to Constituents

Congressman André Carson sent a report piece to residents of the 7th Congressional District touting his accomplishments as well as the legislation he has supported in the past year as his first full term as a United States House member comes to an end.

Among the accomplishments, Carson lists:
• Authoring of the legislation extending COBRA benefits for the unemployed
• The falling unemployment rate over time since Barack Obama took office
• His support of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which among other things:
o Gave a grant to the Beech Grove Amtrak Facility that created nearly 100 jobs
o Helped IPS rehire hundreds of laid off teachers
o Awarded $22 million to IUPUI in grants to create high-tech jobs
o Awarded a $20 million to IPL to modernize the local power grid
o Another $181 million in local investments in new battery and hybrid engine technologies

Carson also lays out his agenda for 2010.

Carson says he wishes to help small businesses because they provide jobs for half of all Hoosiers. He says that he wants to help them create jobs so he will work for more small business tax incentives, increase access to capital and stronger Small Business Administration programs that "encourage local banks to provide low-cost loans."

Carson wants to work on creating new jobs with clean energy. Carson notes his support and sponsorship of the American Clean Energy and Security Act that invests in the development of "new renewable energy resources while creating hundreds of thousands of high-quality, 21st century green jobs." He also says he will work towards the passage of comprehensive climate change legislation in 2010.

Finally, Carson is preaching deficit reduction. He says that the spending necessary to buttress the economy has worked. Now, he is committed to "eliminating government waste wherever possible." He also says he voted for "PayGo" rules that prevent Congress from enacting new programs without finding funding first.

Carson has certainly been the most liberal and progressive member of Congress in the Indiana delegation, and he continues to not run away from the mandate the voters gave him when they elected him with over 65 percent of the vote in 2008. Certainly, there's no reason to think that Carson is in any danger in 2010 unless he falls victim to some unknown self-inflicted wound. I just don't see it happening. Combined with a nearly perfect attendance record, the 7th District is safely in the hands of Congressman Carson.

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indyernie said...

No comments from the faithful? Is it obvious that Carsons own party understands BS too? I think so....