Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Guess Who is a Member of the Southside Democrat Club? Also, Curry Releases Fundraising Figures

A source of mine says the scuttlebutt around the table at the Southside Democratic Club's Third Tuesday Luncheon today was that a member is running for Marion County Prosecutor. It may not be one of the three members you normally think of, either.

Apparently, Helen Marchal is not only a member of the Republican Party running for the Marion County Prosecutor's Office but that she is also a member of the venerable Southside Democrat Club.

Isn't that interesting? I bet Tom John and Carl Brizzi didn't know that one when they got her to run.

Doubtful that Marchal is ready for a party switch. According to club sources, her husband, Jeff, signed her up for the membership. No sinister intent, I'm sure. I don't even think this one should be held against either one of them honestly. Such is the case in a mixed party marriage. That...and lots of canceled out votes.

In other news, Terry Curry officially released campaign fundraising information showing that he has, indeed, raised over 105K for his run at the office. Here is his news release:

INDIANAPOLIS --With the support of hundreds of donors from across the county, attorney Terry Curry, a Democratic candidate for Marion County prosecutor, raised more than $100,000 for his campaign in the closing months of 2009.

“The support we received from people across Marion County in the last few months helped us more than surpass our financial goal for 2009,” Curry said. “This outpouring of support puts us in a strong position as we look forward to the May primary.”

According to the 2009 year-end campaign finance report filed Tuesday with the Marion County Clerk’s Office, the Curry for Marion County Prosecutor campaign raised $105,187.16 last year. Curry has already spent a ton of dough, however, and finds himself with just a bit over $69,000 cash on hand.

“This kind of support shows that voters are ready to elect a prosecutor who will bring new direction, new perspective, and new leadership to the prosecutor’s office,” Curry said. “After 16 years of one party controlling the office, voters clearly are saying that it is time for a new approach to making our city and our neighborhoods safer. We are prepared to provide the leadership necessary to make the office an effective partner with all who care about our community.”

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