Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fundraising: Layton vs. Brown

The Democratic candidates vying for the party nod in the May primary have weighed in with their first reports by filing their campaign finance documentation with Marion County Clerk Beth White.

Leading the way big time is MCSD Executive Officer, Col. John Layton. Layton raised over $112,000 since filing for the office a little over two months ago He also spent very little with a grand total of $108,000 cash on hand leading all candidates currently in the race in unencumbered dough. IMPD Sergeant Mark Brown reported just over $10,900 but he also reported nearly spending it all with only close to $1,500 cash on hand now. He can't afford the party slating fee even if he wanted to try.

On the Republican side, Bart McAtee reported over $175,000 raised, but he only has about $89,000 on hand. Fellow Republican Dennis Fishburn raised about $5,400 and has around $5,100 on hand. Republican Tim Motsinger had over $220,000 in his kitty, but it's almost all honorably going back after the controversial financier Tim Durham was tied to Motsinger as his chief fundraiser. Motsinger has since left the race but has apparently left his committee open. Former candidate for Sheriff on the Republican side, Steve Davis just re-opened his campaign on January 11.

See the reports for yourself here.

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