Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Breaking News: Mayoral Marathon

With the campaign financing deadline tomorrow, the numbers are starting to pour in. Indy Democrat has learned of the fundraising numbers for the two leading Democrats for the Mayoral post, which is be voted on in the 2011 election.

A source close to the Kennedy Campaign tells Jon Easter that the Kennedy campaign has raised $250,000 in her run for Mayor of Indianapolis. The former Deputy Mayor also has $220,000 cash on hand. Pretty impressive numbers to wrap up the 2009 fundraising cycle.

Also in the Mayoral race, Brian Williams released his fundraising numbers in a press release today. The Williams campaign ended the 2009 cycle with over $100,000 cash on hand. Those too are pretty hefty numbers, especially for a relative newcomer to Democratic politics.

One has to wonder what effect these numbers will have on the potential candidacy of others, including City-County Councilor Jose Evans.

Be sure to check out Indy Democrat in the coming days for more analysis of these numbers and for more late breaking news on campaign finance numbers.

See the reports here.


Anonymous said...

Details Please.... High donors, how many, etc.

Jon E. Easter said...

We don't have details only numbers.

Anonymous said...

Where are these reports posted online?

Abdul said...

Just so you know, Ballard will show more than $1 million in cash on hand.

Anonymous said...

Ballard started 2008 with $150,000 cash on hand. So in two years as a sitting Mayor he has only netted $850,000?

Melina started with $0 and has only been fundraising for four months, yet she's netted $220,000. Had Melina been fundraising for two years like Ballard, at this rate she would have netted over $1.3 Million. Just so you know, that is over 50% better than Ballard.

Christopher Jackson said...
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Christopher Jackson said...

To Anonymous, campaign finance reports can be found