Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Breaking News: Anonymous Source Says Brizzi is Out and Marchal is In!

An e-mail from a trusted source tells me that Carl Brizzi will announce tomorrow that he will not be seeking a third term and that instead his Chief of Staff Helen Marchal will announce her candidacy for the Republican nomination for Marion County Prosecutor.

Marchal is the wife of Jeff Marchal, a Marion County Superior Court Commissioner and a former Democratic candidate for Marion County Superior Court Judge. Jeff Marchal didn't get through slating in 2008 in his effort to get on the bench. I supported him then, to be honest, and I consider him a good friend.

So, as my source said, this should get really interesting.

With Helen Marchal so tightly tied to Brizzi, will there now be other Republicans entering the fray, too? The Democrats also have a huge start, too, with Terry Curry leading the pack in fundraising over Greg Bowes and David Orentlicher.

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Gladys said...

Thanks for the scoop! Good work!

How do you know Curry's leading the pack on fundraising? Is his report up yet? Is Orentlicher's? I only saw Bowes. Do you have good info. on this, too?