Wednesday, January 20, 2010

60 no more? Say it's not so, Joe!

So if you haven't notice from the headlines plastered all over the news, Republican Scott Brown has won the former Senate seat of the late Senator Ted Kennedy. With Senator-elect Brown's victory, it is the first time in 31 years that a Republican has represented Massachusetts in the US Senate. If you want to read more into the finger pointing within the Democratic Party on who to blame, feel free to Google it.

Here's my take on yesterday's events: Joe Lieberman, head for the hills!

With all due respect Senator Lieberman, your self-serving, manipulative tactics aren't going to get you anywhere, anymore. After stalling Health Care Reform in the Senate for weeks on end, with your fellow cronies, Senators Ben Nelson and Olympia Snowe (among others), your power trip just reached an abrupt end. Yesterday, before the polls even closed in MA, you said that the Democratic Party needs to move more to the center! Are you crazy?! That is exactly what is currently wrong with the Democratic Party.

On November 3rd, 2008, if anyone would have told any Democrat that we would have 59 votes in the Senate, that Democrat would be jumping for joy and would say that we could pass any legislation that we wanted. The following day, the American People gave an astoundingly loud mandate to the newly appointed Democratic administration to push the Progressive agenda through Congress.

Yet one year later, we have allowed the process to be hi-jacked by conservative Democrats that are all about self preservation and hurting Progressives (the latter of which applies specifically to Lieberman after his loss to Ned Lamont in the Senate Primary circa 2006.) But that won't continue anymore. Without 60 possible Democratic votes, we don't have to worry about appealing to the likes of Senator Lieberman. We must now do exactly what President Bush did with a Republican Senate, get legislation passed without a supermajority! Its time for Democrats in the Senate to grow some spines and do the work that Democrats were put in office to do, especially passing true Health Care Reform. Past precedent demonstrates that legislation can be passed in the Senate without 60 votes to overcome the Filibuster, whether by reconciliation or other means. But the message delivered last night is clear (unlike what some of the pundits and conservatives want to say) inaction, not action, will decide whether Democrats experience a bloodbath come this November 2nd.


Anonymous said...

I don't think any overwhelming majority said in any way shape or form "Go ahead and pass any progressive far left agenda you want". They voted a democrate into the white house based on several factors, none of which was the okay to hijack American industry, drive unemployment through the roof, and basically take control of every facet of our lives. You are misguided and disillusioned.

While I am not a Joe fan, He did not singlehandedly stall your worthless healthcare bill. The American people sounded off on this over and over. You should have taken your chances and shoved it on down everyone's throats while you had the chance. Now hopefully, it will die or at least be tabled until it makes sense. As for Snowe, every Liberal in America was rubbing it in when she voted with the dems on this bill, but now she is the bad guy even though she stated at the time that her vote would change if she didnt agree with the final package.

You guys are the biggest hypocrites on earth.

guy77money said...

The Democrats elected the wrong president. Hillary would have least called out Lieberman and went down swinging! Obama just sat back and let the leaders of both houses call the shots. No wonder they all supported him for president, easier to push around then Hillary. Clinton would have been a much better leader and easily trumps Obama when it comes to playing the game of politics. What do you expect of a guy who spent most of his political life as a representative of the Illinois House of Reps.
Hmmm I am still waiting for the open debate and transparency on health care bill that was supposed to air on CSPAN, that Obama promised us on every campaign stop. Opps Pelosi nicked that in the bud didn't she! ;) This guy better learn how to lead or he is going to be a one term president. Well of course that is if the Republicans can actually find someone under 45 to nominate! The Republicans have to understand there was only one Ronald Reagan. Or as Doctor Emmett Brown said 'No wonder your president has to be an actor, he's gotta look good on television'. I'll give Obama that and he knows how to use that teleprompter to.

Anonymous said...

Three times now I have heard Chris Matthews state that the Indiana senate seat is a good pickup chance in 2010. After hearing Senator Bayh's comments last night, I don't think it matters whether we have republican Evan Bayh or another republican. Now that we don't have 60 votes, Evan and Joe Lieberman can both disappear.

GOPwillliveagain said...

You are blaming a vote on Lieberman? Did Lieberman rig the polls so that the Republicans would win? No. Did Lieberman form a group known as the "white jaguars" and post his men at the front of the poll locations blocking the way of any democratic voters? Didn't think so. Is Lieberman the one who proposed the stupid health care bill that the majority of Americans are against? Again No.

Take your focus off the BS and realize that the people voted Republican because they are already fed up with the current administration. When Democrats do a terrible job Republicans will show up in record numbers. When Democrats do a bad job voters on the fence will lean Republican.

The bottom line is the country does not like the path that Obama has thrust our feet upon. Wash your mind of the filth that was given to you in school and thinki about what YOU want... then think about what others would want. Gov't will NEVER be able to please everyone so it is best to serve the majority, yet it seems you want to serve the minorities and piss the majority off.

Anonymous said...

GOP, you missed the point which may explain why your name begins with GOP. The Dems have been kissing Lieberman's rear since they wanted to maintain the 60 vote total. He still endorses GOP candidates, bad mouths Dems and votes against the majority of Dems. Now the we no longer have the magic 60, we might just as well make it 58 instead of 59. I would strip him of his committee chairmanships and tell him to get lost. No one ever said the was the reason the Dems lost the Mass. senate seat.

Christopher Jackson said...

Anonymous at 8:21 PM covered the bases for me.