Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who's Making the Rounds: Decatur Version

I just realized that I've been neglecting the "Who's Making the Rounds" feature on the blog, so here's the latest entry from the Decatur Township Democratic Club's December Meeting and Holiday Party.

The speaker for the night was Floyd County Central Committee Chairman Samuel Locke, candidate for Indiana Auditor. Locke talked about how he could save money if elected Auditor of State by innovation and talked about adding more transparency to state government by, among other things, acting as a check against Republican Governor Mitch Daniels on the State Board of Finance.

The Connersville native said that he could save the state money by making some innovative changes in the Auditor's Office. Locke said that the state currently fails to implement what he calls an "accounts payable recovery system" to make sure the state isn't paying vendors more than once for the same service or that fraud is not occurring. He believes he can save $10 million with this simple innovation at little or no cost to the state.

He also advocated more transparency in the Auditor's Office by opening up the process of asking for records. He said that he recently contacted Auditor of State Tim Berry asking for four pieces of public information. It took 30 days for Berry's Office to answer only half of the request, and the state charged $17.30 for copies.

Locke said the City of Louisville has implemented a free web application created by a vendor that allows users to type in a simple search term such as "salt" and that provides the user with all the details on the city's purchases of salt including how much was paid and to whom. He said there's not any reason why the state couldn't implement the same system again, at little or no cost.

Locke said the Auditor serves on the State Board of Finance with the Governor and the Treasurer. He also put in a plug for Pete Buttigieg who is running for Treasurer of State. If Buttigieg is elected, Locke said that for the first time Mitch Daniels could experience what it's like to have a decision overridden.

Other candidates, dignitaries, possible candidates and officeholders present included the following:
Marion County Democratic Party Chairman Ed Treacy
Melina Kennedy, running for Mayor
Former Secretary of State Joe Hogsett
Mark Brown and John Layton, candidates for Marion County Sheriff
Terry Curry, candidate for Marion County Prosecutor
Marion County Clerk Beth White, running for re-election
Marion County Superior Court Judges Becky Pierson-Treacy, Gerald Zore, and Mark Stoner
District 22 City-County Council Candidate Christopher Jackson
At Large City-County Council Candidates Zach Adamson and Annette Johnson (who also sits on the Pike Township Board)
Center Township Board Member George Farley
Decatur Township Small Claims Court Judge Candidate Steve Terrell
and Indiana House District 91 Candidate Tim Huber

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