Thursday, December 31, 2009

Politico Lists Top 10 Weirdest Political Moments of 2009

Politico writer Alexander Burns compiled the top ten weirdest political moments of 2009. If you wish to see the article, find it here. What do you think? The article doesn't list numbers, but I'll go in reverse order from the article for fun.

10. Conservative Congressional candidate Doug Hoffman says ACORN stole the 2008 Presidential Election
9. The Battle for the soul of the GOP between Chairman Michael Steele and talk show host Rush Limbaugh (who was hospitalized for chest pains in Hawai'i. Best wishes to El Rushbo).
8. Al Sharpton, Michael Bloomberg, and Newt Gingrich team up for education reform.
7. Tom DeLay on ABC's Dancing With the Stars
6. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's extracurricular affairs
5. The White House Beer Summit
4. Disgraced and former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's wife Patti goes on reality TV.
3. Sheila Jackson-Lee invokes the U.S. Constitution at Michael Jackson's funeral.
2. Sarah Palin abruptly resigns as Governor of Alaska.
1. Oathgate...Chief Justice John Roberts flubs the Presidential Oath of Office, and Obama follows suit forcing him to, just-in-case, take the oath again later.

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Stephen said...

You missed:

No list is complete without some reference to the many Michele Bachman statements during the year

The White House WTF moment when Joe Biden said on the Today Show that he wouldn't let his family fly on an airplane because of swine flu