Monday, December 21, 2009

One Office at a Time, Baron...Hill Announces Interest in Governor's Mansion

Nothing major to report here, but Rep. Baron Hill, who has spent all but two of the last 10 years in Congress, is thinking about running for Governor in 2012. That would be two years after he runs for re-election to the Indiana House. I think it was a BAD IDEA for him to announce (as he did to the Indianapolis Star) that he's even thinking about running for Governor in 2012.

Seems like this is a ready-made campaign ad for Todd Young or Mike Sodrel or whomever runs agains the "Blue Dog" Democrat in Indiana's 9th District race. Maybe the script might read:

Baron Hill says he wants to represent the Ninth Congressional District, but can we trust him to represent us fully? He also says he is considering running for Governor in 2012. Do we want a full-time representative or one that's campaigning for another office? (Insert name here) wants to be your representative in Congress. Instead of running for something else, (this person) cares about the Ninth District. (This person) will fight hard for you...blah blah blah.

My gut says that it's bad politics for Hill, and it may speak poorly for the guy. Regardless, the way things are going, Mitch Daniels may bankrupt the state just like he did the federal government (as Bush's Budget Director) before walking out the door. I guess we shall see what happens.

Rep. Hill must realize now the toothpaste is out of the tube now on a Gubernatorial run. It's hard to run for one office when you've got the RNC and others on your back let alone two...especially when you keep giving them ammo (see the YouTube of the town hall incident with a student journalist).

Run for one office at a time, Rep. Hill.


Eric Schansberg said...

Hill has "stepped in it" often over the years. But the pace has increased in the last year or so.

Hopefully, Hankins, Young or Sodrel will send him packing.

Anonymous said...

While I don't always agree with Hill, I appreciate his candor and willingness to state his position in a straight forward and comprehensible manner.