Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mayoral Marathon: Kennedy Quietly Racking Up More Endorsements

I know it's early still for handicapping the 2011 Mayoral race, but Melina Kennedy's three union endorsements have been joined by the endorsements of ten prominent Indianapolis business leaders. Just to make this clear, Tim Durham is not on the list.

Here is release from Melina Kennedy's campaign.

December 3, 2009
Media Contact: Katie Lineweaver, (317) 313-6721

Indianapolis--Today, ten leaders from the Indianapolis business community endorsed former Deputy Mayor Melina Kennedy’s candidacy for Mayor of Indianapolis. Among the group were business leaders from large, small, minority and women owned businesses in a variety of industries, including CEOs, entrepreneurs and other business leaders:

Jeff Smulyan, Founder and CEO, Emmis Communications
Steven Crane, Managing Director, Crane Capital Management
David Becker, Chairman of the Board and CEO, First Internet Bank
J.A. Lacy, President and CEO, FinishMaster, Inc.
Gerry Richardson, Founder and CEO, The Anson Group
Jerry Jones, President and CEO, Cannon IV, Inc.
Billie Dragoo, President and CEO, RepuCare and RepuStaff
Kevin Martin, CFO, Johnson Ventures
Anne Nobles, Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, Eli Lilly
David Barrett, President and CEO, Gene B. Glick Company

“After watching Melina’s excellent work in growing the Indianapolis economy as Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, I trust in her leadership,” said Smulyan.

“I have known Melina for years and believe that that she will do a great job of creating a good environment for investment in Indianapolis,” Crane added.

“I work everyday with other women in business, and I can tell you that Melina has a strong following among women business owners who are excited by her candidacy,” Dragoo said.

“As an Angel Investor and as someone who has organized many small businesses, I believe in Melina’s ability to get the Indianapolis economy moving again,” Becker added.

“I am honored to have the support of these pillars from our local business community, and I look forward to working with them to build a strong local economy that creates new jobs and lays a foundation for our business community to flourish,” said Kennedy.


Melina Kennedy recently formed an exploratory committee for the Office of Mayor of Indianapolis. As Deputy Mayor for Indianapolis under Mayor Bart Peterson, she was recognized for her efforts in job creation and economic development, including securing hundreds of new jobs at the vacant United Airlines airport facility, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service in Lawrence, numerous urban redevelopment projects like the Keystone Enterprise Park in the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood, and helping launch long term strategic job creation initiatives like BioCrossroads.

Melina and her husband, Bob Kennedy, Olympic and former Indiana University distance runner, started a small business in 2001 that now consists of four running and walking specialty stores in the Central Indiana region. Melina supports a number of community organizations in leadership roles, including: President of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society board of directors; co-chair of the Great Indy Neighborhoods Initiative; Board member of Dress for Success; President of the Legacy House board of directors; and numerous other organizations. Melina and Bob are the proud parents of a son and daughter."

Kennedy and Indy business leader Brian Williams are both exploratory candidates for Mayor of Indianapolis. There are, of course, many other rumored candidates from City-County Councillor Jose Evans to former Lieutenant Governor, former Indianapolis Controller and former Cummins executive Kathy Davis.

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Anonymous said...

Melina is a good person. However, her past political failures and her connection with the CIB and Colts deal will come back to bite her. In 2010, we will start seeing the powers within the GOP linking information about her failures. Brian Williams has less baggage.