Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Living Room "Ban" Never Existed According to Mansfield

Local radio host and blogger Abdul Hakim-Shabazz posted a few weeks ago that Councillor Angela Mansfield had been effectively banned from the Living Room Lounge downtown due to her advocacy for the comprehensive air ordinance and that the owner had told the servers not to serve her.

Here's the exact wording from this post:
And speaking of the end of a beautiful friendship, City-County Councilor Angela Mansfield, co-author of the current smoking ban proposal, has reportedly been banned from the Living Room Lounge at 9th and Penn. Mansfield has cited the Living Room Lounge as a place where she loves the food, but doesn’t like the secondhand smoke. Well apparently the owner has told the staff she won’t have to worry about the smoke, because she’s no longer welcome and has ordered the staff not to serve her.

Councillor Mansfield sent me an e-mail yesterday saying that due to an emergency she had not been able to send me a message on the subject, but she says that the Living Room never banned her at all and that the owner, Tammy Jones, said that she never had never instructed her staff not to serve the Councillor. "She said although we disagree on the smoking issue, she would never be so petty," said Mansfield.

Looks like Abdul was completely off in his rumormongering. He rumored that Beth White was running for Prosecutor, too. That one didn't pan out, either.

I would like to issue a full and complete apology to Tammy Jones and the staff of the Living Room Lounge for criticizing them for something they did not do. I completely retract my previous post and have pasted this post as an update into the original post.

Thank you also to Councillor Mansfield for setting the record straight. Abdul...what's up buddy? My rumors are usually at least grounded in fact.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Councilor Mansfield in recovering from her recent heart attack.

Abdul said...

I stand by my rumor, gossip and blatant innuendo!

Anonymous said...

Reason number 11,342 that no one in Marion County - including his "friends" in the Republican Party - give Abdul any credibility.

Abdul said...

At least I'll use my real name, but the last anonymous poster probably hates black people and is using me as a pretext for his/her/its racism. ;o)

Jon E. Easter said...

True. You have to admit that you got this one wrong though, but I know that the "W" word does not exist in the expansive vocabulary of Mr. Abdul Hakim-Shabazz.

Abdul said...

Not really. If you read my post carefully, I used the word "reportedly" that's what was reported to me. It would have been one thing if I said she was banned, but as usual, I choose my words very carefully.

You'll also note the post was titled "Good Ole Gossip, Rumor and Blatant Innuendo" and that's just what I was sharing.

I know a lot of you guys would love to prove me wrong on something, better luck next time! :-)

Paul K. Ogden said...


"W" word? "Windbag?" Sure it exists. Kidding...

Seriously, Abdul's a very smart, talented guy. It's a shame the talent is wasted trying to curry favor with certain folks in power. There is such a huge vacuum for an independent local political voice. Abdul's popularity would skyrocket if poople thought he was a straight shooter who was simply going to tell it like it is. With Garrison being the ultimate sell-out, there's clearly an opening for a thoughtful, independent and conservative voice.

Anonymous said...

Abdul, admit you were wrong again instead of using the race card to cover up for your blogging misinformation.

Jon E. Easter said...

You see though, Abdul, your rumor has victims. One of those victims was the Living Room Lounge and its owner with whom you, like me, never apparently confirmed your "rumor, gossip, or blatant innuendo" with.

If your rumormongering is this bad, why should we ever believe you? When I'm wrong, I'm wrong.

I was wrong about this, but you can't admit that you were, too. You really owe the Living Room Lounge an apology here.

Councillor Mansfield told me that the owner called her personally to tell her that she never did what you said she did.

I won't tell you how to run your blog. You obviously have more readers than little old me, but I guess our morals differ a bit. When I heard about the situation, I immediately retracted my blog post and apologized on my blog in two different places to the Living Room.

You, on the other hand, decide to expand the conversation into an arena no one brought up (race) in order to stir the pot. Playing word games only gets you so far.

Anonymous said...

What about the false story Abdul posted about Doris Minton-McNeil?

Abdul said...


I will gladly admit when I'm wrong, it just doesn't happen as much as a some people in this town would like for it to be.