Friday, December 4, 2009

Is Kathy Davis Running for Mayor?

A few days ago, local radio host Abdul Hakim-Shabazz dropped a big rumor on his blog that former Lieutenant Governor Kathy Davis was considering a run for Mayor of Indianapolis.

I wanted to know if the rumor was true, so I e-mailed Davis to ask her. I received a fairly quick response back that completely, totally, and utterly dodged the question. She acted as if I never asked it. Read into that what you will, but Kathy Davis would be a candidate who definitely would make, on paper, a great candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis as well as an amazingly challenging opponent for Democrats and current seat warmer...whoops...holder, Mayor Greg Ballard.

Davis has a business background as the principal in Davis Design Group. According to the website of the company, Davis Design Group provides "clients with innovative tools to design public policy, delivery systems and change strategies. Using cutting edge technology that represents the best of its kind, we determine and interpret the impact of public policy on the attitudes and actions of people. We offer predictions and forecasts with unprecedented accuracy to improve results in education, health, safety, and economic growth."

Besides her own very unique business, Davis has been an executive at Cummins Engine. She was the City Controller of Indianapolis. Under Governors Evan Bayh and Frank O'Bannon, Davis was the State Budget Director, the Deputy Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Transportation and led the FSSA where she managed a $4 billion budget. When Governor O'Bannon passed away, she was appointed by Governor Joe Kernan to be his Lieutenant Governor. She was the first female Lieutenant Governor in Indiana history and, by even the toughest critic, accomplished much in that job. Besides all of this, Davis is a MIT (degree in mechanical engineering) and Harvard Business School graduate. She's a smart cookie, and that might be an understatement. Her resume is a unique blend of public and private that no other candidate probably can match.

Her refusal to even entertain my question in her e-mail tells me that Brian Williams and Melina Kennedy may be joined at some point by the former Lieutenant Governor and that Abdul probably nailed this one. Add in some of the other folks out there considering runs, and this Mayoral Marathon may just be in its early miles.

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