Friday, December 4, 2009

Hey Remember This Guy?

Republicans never learn. Add to the conservative, tea party leaning folks running against Evan Bayh on the Republican ticket this guy...

That's right. Former 8th District House Representative and Mister Christian himself, John "I carried a gun at the Louisville airport" Hostettler...John "I make Rick Santorum look liberal" Hostettler...John "I make Michele Bachmann look sane" Hostettler...John "War on Christmas" Hostettler... John "I got my butt handed to me by Brad Ellsworth" Hostettler (need I go on?) is running for the Republican nomination to unseat Democrat Evan Bayh.

So, add another nut to the jar in the Indiana U.S. Senate race.


Anonymous said...

You guys must be scared. Your candidate, Evan Bayh, won't even vote yes on Obama's hallmark issue. He's wishy washy and in bed with Wellpoint and now republicans have a broad spectrum of conservative candidates, from all across the state and differing backgrounds.

It's not that Bayh is lacking money. It's not that the GOP is looking awesome. It's the fact that Joe and Joella A. Voter are unhappy with this congress and will vote for change (again). Meanwhile, loyal Dems are disenchanted with Evan Bayh, Washington Millionaire (D-Wellpoint, IN).

Anonymous said...

Between Marlin Stutzman and Hostettler, you guys will have work to do.