Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gubernatorial Grind: Schellinger Running Again?

Looks like either Jim Schellinger may be considering another run for Governor in 2012 or some of his supporters want him to do so. The Indianapolis architect's Facebook page appears to have never been shut down. Recently, I received an invite to join the Facebook group.

If you ask some Dems, Schellinger didn't make friends with them last time around by never really coming full out for Jill Long Thompson after the bitter primary fight. He did send a letter of endorsement to county chairs, but he never really got out there for JLT. Un-satisfyingly, we never saw Schellinger symbolically embrace Long Thompson as the party candidate after she narrowly defeated him in May 2008. The loss for Schellinger came after he had raised tons of campaign cash, but the money didn't matter as the underdog Long Thompson upset the bigger checkbook of Schellinger.

It was no secret that Schellinger was the state party's choice last time around, and, even though Long Thompson took the primary win, it seemed like the Indiana Democratic Party (like Schellinger) never really completely supported her. Long Thompson was handily defeated by Governor Mitch Daniels even though the state went blue nationally for the first time since 1964. In August, Schellinger was seen at the IDEA Convention shaking hands and looking very much like a candidate for something. We will see if this new slow boil behind Schellinger convinces him to run.

Can all be forgiven for 2008? Democrats are a forgiving group, and Schellinger's lack of support wasn't what ultimately doomed the JLT campaign though, it honestly probably contributed some. It's an awfully good group of candidates that might give it a go in 2012 and if Schellinger runs, he will have to emerge from that group. That's unlike the situation in 2008 where it was just Schellinger, Long Thompson, and then-Senate Majority Leader Richard Young of Milltown.

Other potential Democrats that may be vying for the Democratic Gubernatorial nomination include Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel, Congressman Baron Hill, State Senator Vi Simpson, Lake County Sheriff Roy Dominguez, Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott, former State Health Commissioner Woody Myers, former Secretary of State Joe Hogsett, and I'm sure there are others. Dominguez and Weinzapfel appear to be the most likely candidates of the group with the others having been mentioned or rumored to be at least interested in the job.


Anonymous said...

We need a state Dem leader to start exposing some of the foulups and misdeeds of the Daniels administration. Even though he won't be running the next time, his record will be tied to the GOP candidate. Mitch has made lots of mistakes but we let him slide. We can't wait until 3 months before the campaign to point them out. We need to be doing it now ...but somehow that doesn't seem to be happening.

Anonymous said...

Jim Shcellinger has no business running for anything. I supported him in the primary and will never support him for anything again, he behaved poorly and is in politics fo rthe wrong reason.

Anonymous said...

I know lots of Repubs are praying the Dems nominate Dominguez. A Lake County Democrat at the top of the ticket sounds great to them.