Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Councillor Coleman Wants Fans To Override Coaches In Colts Saga

The Indianapolis Star had a piece this morning about how former City-County Council Dictator...er...President Beurt SerVass is advocating a resolution to endorse the Indianapolis Colts refunding the money for the tickets bought by Colts fans to Sunday's Jets game.

Apparently, there are no takers that wish to pick this one up so far on the Council. That didn't stop the party-proclaimed highest-ranking Libertarian officeholder from saying something moderately stupid about the situation. Councillor Ed Coleman, who might or might not have been wearing blue face paint when he was interviewed by Star writer Francesca Jarosz, said,

"Coaches basically didn't care what the fans wanted; they did what they wanted. It's a load of garbage that they did that," said Coleman, who included himself among the disappointed fans. "(But) I can see the business side of it, whether I like it or not."

Does that mean that fans should now get a say in game planning? Perhaps they should have a keypad at each seat that lets them vote on plays now? What about the next fourth and short decision? Do we draw straws to see which lucky fan gets to be today's defensive coordinator?

Good one, Councillor Coleman, the same man who once said Congressman Carson wasn't "the sharpest tool in the shed." Coleman apparently is not planning to sponsor the resolution, but he would apparently vote for it.

As for incoming Council President Ryan Vaughn, he wisely steered clear of any Council action telling Jarosz that the Council had "better things to do" than to take up the issue.


Sean Shepard said...

I believe Coleman offered some comments relative to moral support, not that he would vote for such silliness.

guy77money said...

Now if SerVass would just pony up about $200 to $300 million that he cost the people of Marion County when he over paid for the Water Company. I would gladly use some of that money to pay back Colts fans about a 1/4 of what the ticket cost for last weeks game. I suppose Peterson could ante up an extra $100 million since unlike SerVass he is only a working stiff at Lilly.