Monday, December 28, 2009

Another Line In the Sand Moment

I have been extremely disappointed in the DNC since Howard Dean left office as the Chairman. Tim Kaine has not been a strong chair, in my opinion, and has taken the DNC backwards. The DNC has not been a strong advocate for the public option, and they have not held the Democratic caucus in the Senate accountable for its actions. So, imagine my joy when I got a phone call from a nice young lady from...the DNC!

I can't remember he name now, but she started to explain all the accomplishments the DNC had listed in her script and told me how disappointed I should be in the Republicans that are holding up progress on true reform in the United States Congress. Then, she got to the ask.

"Can we count on you for a contribution of $200.00 today?"

I said, "No."

I told her that the death of the public option was enough for me and that I would not be contributing to the DNC but to individual local candidates or candidates in support of the public option. I told her that the lack of advocacy on several issues prevents me from donating my cash to the DNC this time around. I explained that I was a Democrat rain or shine, but that I could not find it in my heart to give my money to an organization that I felt has moved backwards since Howard Dean left.

Surprisingly, she didn't try to reason with me too much. She said, "Yeah, I've been getting a lot of that."

That response should say it all to the DNC. Again, the question must be asked: Why are Democrats so afraid to govern from the left? That's what America wanted. They wanted to go a different direction than the way the right was leading us. Instead, Americans are getting some wishy washy mishmash of liberal ideas with moderate or even conservative follow through.

It starts at the top, folks! From President Obama to the Senate to certain areas of the House to Tim Kaine to all Democrats, when will you do what you were elected to do and bring us REAL change instead of diet change. You are losing support because you won't do what you were elected to do.

I'm sorry, but that's my line. I hope the DNC joins me on the liberal side of it. After all, liberal values are Democratic Party values, and we aren't doing a very good job of standing up for them.


Anonymous said...

Good for you. I received the same call and gave the same response. I do not want any of money[little as it is] going to any of the blue dogs who killed the public option including YOUR Democratic senator from Indiana. I told the young man who called me that I would decided to whom I would donate and according to my criteria.

Kip Tew said...

how would you have handled Lieberman differently? True we have 60 votes, but one of them is an indepenedent from Connecticut. he held the cards, not much the DNC or Obama could have done about that...if you want to be disappointed take it out on Lieberman not the President

Had Enough Indy? said...

Kip Tew -- the fact that the Senate has a Democratic majority AND more than half of them supported a public option -- but decided to woo Lieberman at any cost -- says to me that the Senate is broken.

The fact that Obama did not show any leadership on the public option does indeed deserve rebuke by those who voted for him and who believed that he was for the reform of health care in this Country. I worked for him and donated money to his campaign last time. Won't happen again. Any money I donate will be to progressive candidates in other States - because they need to outvote the likes of Evan Bayh.

If Obama wants to let himself be jerked around by Republicans who are only seeking to be obstructionists, and if he wants to let himself be jerked around by folks like Lieberman, then he also deserves our rebuke for lacking the leadership skills we thought he had when we entered the voting booth.