Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Voters Say Yes to Wishard

The vote on the Wishard Referendum was not even close. The results keep trickling in here and there at this hour, but it looks like an epic landslide victory for Health and Hospital.

People opposed to the referendum will likely continue to blame the question wording for the loss. They may also tell you that Health and Hospital sold us a bill of goods and that they deceived their way to a victory, but the truth is that people came out on a Special Election Day to vote yes on Wishard. A large number of them then voted against school referenda meaning that there were many split tickets especially in Perry or Franklin Townships.

Those opposed to the referendum have been yelling and screaming about a lack of media coverage to their cause, and they may have a beef. Part of that though is to get the word out, and they were unable to really even mount a challenge against the full assault of Health and Hospital.

They got little traction, I think, because people felt this was an important project even if it does cost me a little more when I pay my property taxes. So, it didn't matter when people threw accusations at Health and Hospital about its presentations or its nursing homes. It happened because the people saw the need.

Congratulations to Health and Hospital, and congratulations to Beth White on another fine election with no more than a scattered few problems. Hats off to everyone that worked the polls today and that worked to fill the slots at the polls today.


Anonymous said...

A little here, a little there. When is enough money out of your paycheck enough. When does Jon Easter say enough taxes already?

Had Enough Indy? said...

Perhaps the split tickets in Franklin and Perry were due to the fact that those school districts clearly disclosed that property taxes would be used and how much the tax rate was expected to rise as a result.

As one of those you characterize as 'yelling and screaming', I do think the referendum outcome would have been vastly different, even if they still managed to eke out a win, if they had clearly stated throughout that property taxes just might be raised because of the project and by 0.14% on top of the 1% cap. And further, I think that the entire Wishard plan was to evade that statement so as to win.

Anonymous said...

And yes the wool was pulled over the eyes of the public. The laws that do not allow HHC to campaign for A tax refrerendum and that make it necessary to state that it involved a possible tax increase on the ballot were bypassed. Not fair to the voters to be hoodwinked in this manner...........