Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shuffled CIB, Ballard Deck Chairs and Hasn't Mitch Been Quiet?

Terry Burns over at the Indianapolis Times blog broke a couple of big stories yesterday. One involves some turnover at the CIB as Bob Grand is no longer the head of that organization. The other is that Paul Okeson is stepping down as Greg Ballard's Chief of Staff. Kudos to Scoop Burns!

Someone not making much news lately has been Governor Mitch Daniels. Since the state announced that revenue is diminishing at a very rapid pace and people begin to wonder if that $1 billion surplus Mitch pushed for still even exists, the Governor has decided to do something he rarely does...shut his mouth and stop looking for cameras. He did give a speech last weekend in front of the Indiana GOP dinner using part of it to backhandedly compliment Democratic Speaker of the Indiana House, Pat Bauer, but that's kind of an expectation.

The Star says the Governor is now out of state at the Republican Governor's meeting in Texas. The last appearance of the Guv's name on this blog was back on October 17 when Mighty Mitch opened his trap and inserted his foot after the Indiana Court of Appeals decision on the Voter I.D. Law. Heck, the November 22 article on Daniels was the search hit on Daniels since November 7 in the Indianapolis Star.

So, I've come up with a list of some things he might have been doing.

Figuring out new and interesting ways to stick it to public education.

Trying to come up with new campaign slogans for Presidential run in 2012...the winner, "The others Palin comparison to Mitch."

Spending time with family gathering maps of Iowa, New Hampshire, and Florida for fact-finding mission.

Working his part-time job, Vladimir Putin impersonator.

Searching couch cushions of official and unofficial Governor's Mansion for the $1 billion surplus he insisted the state maintain.

Standing by idly as jobs leave the state.

Working his part-time job, Napoleon impersonator.

Fielding prank calls from George W. Bush.

Figuring out new and interesting ways to stick it to union workers.

Making sure underlings Tony Bennett, Richard Mourdock, and Greg Zoeller have something to do.

Fielding prank calls from Mayor Greg Ballard.

Hiking the Appalachain Trail with Governor Mark Sanford.

Converting Becky Skillman's power source to solar and wind power.

Cooking a turkey bigger than himself for Thanksgiving.

Dancing a little sidestep.

Hey Mitch fans...he's your man whether I make fun of him or not.

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