Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ruth Holladay Reports On Possible Motive for DeLaney Attack

Blogger Ruth Holladay, a former writer for the Indianapolis Star reported a possible motive for alleged Ed DeLaney attacker Augustus Mendenhall. Holladay writes on her blog...

"Here is what the Star has not yet reported about the attack on State Rep. Ed DeLaney, although this speculation was on one of the local TV shows last night.

This info comes from a trusted source:

'(Suspect Augustus) Mendenhall's father was arrrested and jailed for running a porno store in about 1983. He supposedly approached Ed, pistol in hand, and said "this is for ruining my father's life.'

'The pistol jammed, so he began pistol whipping Ed. All others involved in the case have been notified.'

Thanks to my informant for shedding light. Mendenhall is indeed an attorney as well. Sad."

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