Friday, November 27, 2009

Former Bush Press Secretary Perino Forgets 9/11 Attacks Happened Under Bush

Former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino appeared on Hannity earlier this week and took President Obama and his administration to task about not calling the Fort Hood tragedy a terrorist attack. That's fine. She's free to express her opinion even though we don't know all the facts.

In the process of making what she called a non-political point, Perino uncorked a big fat lie, and Sean Hannity let her get away with it.

This former member of the Bush Administration did not become Press Secretary until after the untimely and tragic death of Tony Snow, but she was certainly alive on 9/11/01 which came after 1/20/01, the day W. took office, which began eight months of President Bush rolling back the work that the two previous administrations had done on terror with Richard Clarke.

Perino has yet to explain her comments, but she dishonors the memory of those that died at the hands of terrorists on 9/11/01 by her blatant disregard for fact. It may be true that the Fort Hood shooter was a terrorist, but we just don't know all the facts yet. We do know what happened on 9/11...all except for Dana Perino.

Even bigger than her lie is that "journalist" Sean Hannity let her get away with it. Even a basic level interviewer is taught to listen to his or her subject and always be ready with a follow-up. The follow-up could have been a simple reminder, "What about 9/11?" That would have forced Perino to answer and address her comments.

Instead, they both come off looking like idiots. And people still think Fox News is really a news network? GEEZ.

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