Saturday, November 21, 2009

Now The Real Debate Can Begin...

The Senate cleared the way for debate to begin on a health care bill tonight, 60-39. That means the 39 Republican Senators including Richard Lugar decided that this health care bill wasn't even worth a debate. Amazing.

Thanks to those Senators like Joe Lieberman that played the old rope a dope but in the end realized that the vote was only for the DEBATE to continue. The fireworks begin after Thanksgiving, but, it appears that the game has now gone into the 4th quarter in the fight to improve health care in the United States.

The Democrats lead, but the Republicans can still throw a couple of hail marys in there and scare off moderates like Evan Bayh, Blanche Lincoln, Mary Landrieu and others. For passage, Harry Reid needs only a bare majority on the bill now instead of this filibuster vote junk. Make them pull a "Mr. Smith" Harry!

Remember the days of the good old filibuster?

Oh...the Senate is so much different now. Where is Jefferson Smith? If Republicans wanted to filibuster, that's the way to do it. I digress.

History is about to be made, and we all have a front row seat. Congratulations to Senator Reid and the Democratic Caucus also to President Obama who continues to keep the change meter on a slow simmer. It's coming though.

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