Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mayoral Marathon: So, Who's Winning?

The race for mayor continues to heat up as Mayor Greg Ballard counts down the days until he's mercifully out of office. Filed Democratic candidates Melina Kennedy and Brian Williams are both making the rounds at club functions and are attacking things in a behind-the-scenes manner.

Kennedy made headlines by getting a big union endorsement from the LIUNA. According to the LIUNA's website, many of their members are "at the forefront of the construction industry." She also received the endorsement of Andrew Jacobs, Jr., former Congressman. Kennedy has been holding small coffees with neighborhood residents and did have a young professionals get-together that drew over 100 people. Her Facebook group to date has 777 members.

Williams has been hitting the college campuses trying to recruit young Democrats to get involved in the party machinery. He has also been present at Democratic Party functions and club meetings across town. Williams has been using his Facebook page as a way to generate discussion and feedback. This blog took notice of his Facebook status a few weeks back. His Facebook group to date has 240 members.

Kennedy and Williams both have excellent starts at websites (Kennedy's here and Williams' here) and are actively pursuing the office tactfully respecting the 2010 candidates and races.

Of course, waiting in the wings are a few other rumored candidates. City-County Councillors José Evans and Brian Mahern have been rumored. Other names brought up in blog posts include Woody Myers and Greg Porter. I think some of those names are just rumors and don't really seem to be going anywhere campaign-wise at this point. Evans has made a few appearances, but he has not yet filed to my knowledge.

So, who's winning? Tough to say at this point. Kennedy seems to be the frontrunner, but there are miles to go before the first votes of the 2011 elections are cast. No doubt there are some good candidates on the Democratic side, and they will provide tough competition for the current occupant of the Mayor's Office on the 25th Floor of the City-County Building in a city that's now close to 60-40 Democratic.


Anonymous said...

Kennedy is a good person. But lets be honest. Her dealings with the CIB mess and her loss to Carl Brizzi. Williams will slide in because the GOP knows Ballard won't win. Therefore they will elect their people not to waste their vote. Williams has fiscal management skills which the GOP and those not within the establish endorse

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, are those the same fiscal management skills Williams learned from his good friend and business colleague, Tim Durham? I am referencing the same Tim Durham whose financial house of cards is about to fall.

Kennedy is a good person and she was gone from the Mayor's office before the CIB mess got a good head of steam. As for her very close loss to Brizzi, nothing makes a politican more committed to winning than having gone through a loss. As examples, remember "losers" such as Richard Lugar, Andy Jacobs, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama!

Anonymous said...

We will lose the mayor's office for another 4 years if we nominate Brian Williams.. The GOP is just waiting and hoping that we nominate the business partner of Tim Durham. The race would be lost on the day he was nominated.