Sunday, November 15, 2009

Local Pub Bans Mansfield According to Abdul

On his Indiana Barrister blog, Abdul Hakim-Shabazz writes:

"City-County Councilor Angela Mansfield, co-author of the current smoking ban proposal, has reportedly been banned from the Living Room Lounge at 9th and Penn. Mansfield has cited the Living Room Lounge as a place where she loves the food, but doesn’t like the secondhand smoke. Well apparently the owner has told the staff she won’t have to worry about the smoke, because she’s no longer welcome and has ordered the staff not to serve her."

Councillor Mansfield and Councillor Benjamin Hunter are co-sponsors of the proposal that Mayor Ballard promises to veto if it passes the full Council tomorrow night. Apparently, some bar owners have taken the issue to a completely different level here...denial of service to a City-County Councillor because of what she advocates.

Since I also advocate the same position, I will not be a patron of the Living Room Lounge until they lift the ban on Councillor Mansfield. I invite all good Democrats, supporters of Councillor Mansfield, and people that just disagree with this sort of thing to join me in not giving this bar our business. The owner of the Living Room Lounge has a right, I guess, to choose this sort of action, but choices have consequences. No money from me.

Councillor Mansfield sent me an e-mail today saying that due to an emergency she had not been able to send me a message on the subject, but she says that the Living Room never banned her at all and that the owner, Tammy Jones, said that she never had never instructed her staff not to serve Mansfield. "She said although we disagree on the smoking issue, she would never be so petty," said Mansfield.

Looks like Abdul was completely off in his rumormongering. He rumored that Beth White was running for Prosecutor, too. That one didn't pan out, either.

I would like to issue a full and complete apology to Tammy Jones and the staff of the Living Room Lounge for criticizing them for something they did not do. I completely retract my previous post and have pasted this post as an update into the original post.

Thank you also to Councillor Mansfield for setting the record straight. Abdul...what's up buddy? My rumors are usually at least grounded in fact.


Anonymous said...

I live downtown and enjoy the Living Room is pretty smoky......I will not return until this insane ban on Mansfield is lifted. Do you have a web site for the Living Room Lounge?

Anonymous said...

You "guess" he has a right? How generous of you. This action is not only justifiable, but appropriate. This politician wants to impose her personal guidelines for comfort and health on a business she does not own. Everyone who eats there and works there has made a choice to do so, and should accept the consequences. Hey, that sounds familiar.

If the business owner wants to make a bold statement about this injustice by imposing HIS personal will on this councilwoman's available dining choices, so be it.

You are also, of course, justified in boycotting the Lounge until it changes to fit your fancy. And that's how this whole thing should work anyway--businesses choosing to go smoke-free because of customer demand. Not being forced to by a small but powerful number of health-nut fascists.