Friday, November 20, 2009

Johnson Announces At-Large City-County Council Bid

Pike Township Board President Annette Johnson publicly announced that she's jumping into into the At-Large City-County Council race for 2011. I was unfortunately unable to attend the Washington Township Democratic Club meeting on Wednesday night, but a friend of mine that was there e-mailed me the information that she announced her candidacy at that meeting.

Johnson's potential candidacy raises the number of Democrats running for the four at-large positions to at least four right now though there may be others that I know nothing of just yet. That number of four includes the expected candidacy of current At-Large D, Joanne Sanders. The other two candidates that I have heard that are actively seeking the job are Zach Adamson and John Barth.

That field will definitely get more crowded as many rumors contine to flow about what other candidates may join the battle to for membership on the powerful local legislative body. Indiana Democratic African-American Caucus Indianapolis Chapter President Marshawn Wolley has been rumored as a candidate as well as some of the three former at-large seat holders. There will certainly be others joining the fray.

With Sanders being the only incumbent on the ticket, three slots will be open, and it will be interesting to see what happens at the February 2011 slating convention as well as behind closed doors. The Marion County Democratic Party could opt to do what it's done in the past with judge slots and actually create "seats" to protect Sanders' slot on the slate. A crowded field could also mean that Sanders name might end up at the bottom of the primary ballot depending on how many potential candidates detour around the slating process or blatantly violate the slating agreement.

I think it's unlikely, but it would be a shame to lose Sanders in a primary fight. I would hope that voters would recognize what a fine Democratic leader she has been on the City-County Council since becoming the Minority Leader in 2008. She's also been an extremely effective Councillor...just ask any neighborhood leader. That's why she maintained her position on the Council back in 2007 when other Democrats like Bart Peterson and the other three at-larges lost in the countywide fight.

The competition might also be fierce on the Republican side with some R's dissatisfied with some of their incumbent Councillors. Certainly, Ed Coleman and the Libertarian Party will bring out all the support they can to keep what the party calls one of the highest-ranking Libertarians in any U.S. public office on the City-County Council. Too bad he wasn't a Libertarian when elected, but I guess that detail means little to the Libertarians.

It's going to get interesting...and this is just 2009!

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Anonymous said...

I was opposed to automatic slating spots for incumbent judges and I would be opposed for the same for city councilors. JoAnne Sanders does not need any special protections. She is a superb councilor. She articulates the Democratic message and she is deeply involved in the community. She has earned the spot and I trust the slating convention voters will recogize that.