Sunday, November 22, 2009

From the "You Got What You Voted For" Department

The FOP and the Firefighters Local 416 are likely filing grievances against the City of Indianapolis over a controversial health insurance change that is designed to save a buck or two. The Indianapolis Star details the dispute in this article from Saturday's newspaper.

Back in 2007, the FOP especially was vocal in its opposition of Mayor Bart Peterson's re-election while the firefighters union was behind the incumbent. The FOP actively campaigned against Peterson and for current Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard. I know in my neighborhood alone that there still are "Had Enough" stickers on some of my neighbors cars that happen to be police officers.

Walking through the neighborhood I now call home with City-County Council candidate Steve Terrell, I can remember one house in particular that we visited where the homeowner (who was a police officer) wouldn't even talk to us when he found out we were Democrats. He pointed ominously to a a "no soliciting" sign on his front door.

Well, in this case, you got what you voted for. Mayor Ballard promised a lot of wonderful things to the FOP, and this is what you got. You may have to drop your spouse off your insurance because the mayor wants a fake balanced budget so he can get re-elected. Had enough?

Firefighters, it's ok to tell the FOP, "We told you so."

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