Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Durham Digest: What the Local Stations Are Reporting...

As the news of Tim Durham's potential troubles broke when his office was raided on Tuesday in Indianapolis and in Ohio, the local news stations have done an admirable job looking for various angles.

As a trusted friend reported to me in an e-mail, something was filed in U.S. Federal Court against Durham's Fortville home. Details of that lawsuit have been reported by all the stations. Channel 13's Rich Van Wyk has the story about the case here.

Channel 8 dug up this 2004 video on Durham's lavish excesses.

Channel 6 is on another story tying Durham to a police scandal in Henry County. The always hardworking Rafael Sanchez has the report here.

Channel 6 also reports on Durham's money connections to local politicians. Fox 59 did a similar story here.

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Paul K. Ogden said...


What is shocking is that the news media didn't have the courthouse staked out to see if anything was filed in conjunction with the raid. Granted it may not have gone on for a day or so, but the hard copy could have been reviewed late on the afternoon of the 24th. They used to have people who regularly reviewed court filings. Not any more.

Unlike some, I don't celebrate the fall of newspapers. We need a strong newspaper being a watchdog for our community. I don't think we should depend on blogs for that function.