Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Brian Williams Speaks On Involvement with Tim Durham

I sent Brian Williams a message last night via Facebook giving him the opportunity to provide more information regarding his involvement with Tim Durham and Obsidian Enterprises. Here is his response:

"I invested in Obsidian Enterprises. I never served in management or on the board. I was never involved in any way in Fair Finance.

When I realized Tim no longer was adhering to the stated purposes of Obsidian I parted ways with him which included litigation. Like many others I lost money."


Anonymous said...

This doesn't seem to ring true when on his web site for mayor, he was bragging about his professional relationships with Durham. That web site was just created a few weeks ago. Selective memory??

Anonymous said...

Brian had to sue Durham to get out of the mess. Good for Brian about coming clean. Now lets find the court documents that he tried to get out.

Anonymous said...

Brian Williams is an excellent candidate for Mayor and an upstanding man. Exercise caution when jumping to conclusions or labeling factual statements as "touting" or "bragging." On you can hear Brian talk about the issues that affect our city, and after watching each of his four videos, I have yet to hear him brag about any relationship with Tim Durham.

arnie said...

I'll wait for the cort papers.