Sunday, November 1, 2009

Attorney Allegedly Tried to Kill DeLaney

The Indianapolis Star reported a few more details this morning on the alleged attempted murder of Indiana State Representative and local attorney, Ed DeLaney. The details are even more harrowing than the original report.

According to the Star and police officials, DeLaney's alleged attacker, Augustus Mendenhall, beat DeLaney and robbed him. Police say Mendenhall, who is also an attorney, tried to fire a handgun at DeLaney, too. When law enforcement arrived on the scene on Catherine Drive in Carmel, they say that Mendenhall was found beating DeLaney and had to be tased to be subdued after attempting to run. All-in-all, a scary and harrowing morning for one of the most popular legislators in the Indiana General Assembly.

Since his November 2008 election to the house, DeLaney has built a strong record as a legislator for his constituents. He made headlines last year when he, Mary Ann Sullivan, John Barnes, Jeb Bardon, and Republican Phil Hinkle all suggested using the township trustee cash reserves to bail out the Capital Improvement Board. The idea was never adopted, but it was an interesting proposal.

Representative John Barnes released a statement upon hearing of DeLaney's attack:
"My wife, Leslie, and I are praying for the quick recovery of State Representative and fellow freshman Ed DeLaney. Ed was attacked in Carmel today and the details are still rather sketchy but his attacker has been arrested and charged with attempted murder. Ed is being treated at Methodist Hospital and will require surgery. Bad things aren’t supposed to happen to good people. Ed is a wonderful husband, a great dad, a terrific grandpa and an awesome state rep. Get well asap, Ed…We all need you back as soon as you can be there !!!"

DeLaney's high profile wife, Ann (Julian Center Director, political analyst, attorney, and former Indiana Democratic Party Chair) told the Star that Ed was "very well" despite the circumstances of his injuries. The Star says Ed DeLaney suffered a broken bone above and below one eye and may have suffered some broken ribs.

Rep. Barnes is right. Bad things aren't supposed to happen to good people. Ed DeLaney is one of the good ones. Everyone I have interacted with was just shocked by this news. Lots of people are out here rooting for a speedy recovery and sending thoughts and prayers the way of the DeLaneys. Get well soon Rep. DeLaney.

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