Monday, November 2, 2009

Abdul Puzzles Facebook with Strange Post on DeLaney

Abdul Hakim-Shabazz is known for his thought-provoking Facebook status posts, but I believe he crossed a line with this one.

At about 10:10 on Monday night, the WXNT, 1430 AM host posted a link to the WRTV Channel 6 story on Ed DeLaney's alleged attacker adding this status update, "When seeking revenge make sure you serve it cold and quick, otherwise it's your goose that gets cooked."

I immediately commented to get a clarification asking him the following, "Are you serious Abdul? You're actually condoning this type of behavior? Really?"

His reply, "Easter, it's called sarcasm."

He can call it sarcasm or whatever he wishes to call it, but I call it wrong! According to Carmel Police, we potentially had a murder on our hands here, and Abdul wants to make a sarcastic joke? That's just bad taste all around.

Jim Shella, by the way, reported earlier that DeLaney is now out of the hospital and will need surgery once the swelling from his wounds go down.

Something to yuck it up over...don't you think? Good one Abdul.


Anonymous said...

Jon - You're too uptight. That's part of the problem with our politically correct, enabling, don't hurt anyone's feelings society. I am sure that Abdul does not condone this or any other act of violence, and I can clearly see the sarcasm pointed toward Delany's attacker in his post.

Everyone needs to lighten up. I wonder if you would be as upset if a liberal talk show host had made the comment....Hmmm?

Jon E. Easter said...

Yes. I would have. Just like a friend of mine that posted something particularly nasty about Glenn Beck today. I thought it was harsh, so I said it.

Abdul's comments, in this case, were not funny and were pointed towards the attack itself.

Besides, Abdul's actually an acquaintance of mine.