Saturday, October 17, 2009

Voter ID Suit Moves On; Supreme Court May Be Next

The Indiana Supreme Court may be the next stop for the battle over the Voter ID Law, according to an Indianapolis Star report. If you remember, the Voter ID Law was struck down by the Indiana Court of Appeals last month over the way absentee voting is handled. Unlike appearing at the polls in person on Election Day where a state or federally-issued picture ID is required to vote a regular ballot, no ID at all is required to vote an official absentee ballot...only a signed affadavit saying that you qualify to vote by absentee.

The League of Women Voters brought a lawsuit over how the absentee ballots were handled to court and won in what most legal scholars considered an upset. The State of Indiana, led by Attorney General Greg Zoeller, is taking this back to the Indiana Supreme Court where who knows what will happen? One thing that will happen for sure...more taxpayer money will be wasted.

Of course, the Voter ID Law previously went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in a separate case. Conventional wisdom says that the Indiana Supreme Court will probably look at the case, but who knows what they might decide? Everything has been surprising since the news broke that the Indiana Court of Appeals had struck down the law.


Anonymous said...

I am confused. As it stands now, is it in effect or not? When a voter comes to vote will they have to comply with the old requirements?

Jon E. Easter said...

According to Todd Rokita, the Voter ID Law continues to be enforced while it continues through litigation although I don't understand why.