Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time to Deliver Health Care Reform

Yesterday, OFA (Organizing for America), which is the remainder of the Obama Campaign and is now part of the DNC, hosted calling events across the country through the work of its volunteers. Many local Indianapolis and surrounding area organizations and residents, including College Democrat groups, took part in the day long event. The point of the event was to call Congressional offices in support of Health Care reform and OFA leadership set the goal of 100,000 calls was set.

By 2:30 EST, this goal had already been obliterated. So OFA subsequently moved the goal post to achieving 200,000 calls by day's end. Well, as of 3:30 am, the tally has been taken and throughout the day, OFA and its volunteers made 315,023 calls! That's the equivilent of nearly 600 calls to each member of Congress and more than one call per minute to each office!

I personally think that this is a monumental feat and that this many calls might actually help make a difference in swaying the votes of our members of Congress that are holding out support for health care reform, such as Senator Bayh and Congressmen Hill and Ellsworth. I would like to see the health care lobbyists try to garner that much support from the American people to block reform, because that will never happen. So, I want to just take the time to thank all the volunteers who participated in all this phone banks yesterday for representing the true needs and concerns of the American people, not the health insurances companies. President Obama, on his trip to NYC, even made it to a phone bank location and thanked all the volunteers for putting so much time and effort into this. We can only hope that this has a positive effect and will help push support for the public option to 60 votes in the Senate.

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