Saturday, October 24, 2009

Prosecutorial Pile-Up: What's Carl Thinking? Time for Him To Meet My Grandma.

The Prosecutorial Pile-up seems to be more settled on the "D" side than the "R" side as Democrats have seemeed to begin to coalesce around one strong candidate, Terry Curry. Yes, I know that David Orentlicher and Greg Bowes are still in the race, but, as previously discussed on this blog, Curry has emerged from the pack in a big way. Orentlicher has endured a whisper campaign from some that he had removed his name from consideration (he hasn't), and there are rumors that Bowes plans to run against the slated candidate if he doesn't win the slating nod (unconfirmed). Whatever happens on the Democratic side, Curry seems to be gathering the support and the funds.

That leaves us to wonder about the Republican race for Prosecutor. With just a few months until the parties meet to slate candidates, Republicans still don't have an announced candidate. It's time for Carl Brizzi to take my late Grandma Easter's somewhat crude but appropriate advice. When a big decision was to be made, Grandma would always say, "Poop or get off the pot." That was something any five year old could understand, and Brizzi needs to make a decision to run or step aside for someone else.

Yes, Brizzi has money. He even has a website, but does he have what it takes to make another tough run against an experienced former deputy prosecutor like Curry in the current political climate of Marion County?

The most populated county in the state has become an even more Democratic county over the course of the last four years than it was in 2006, and Brizzi can't wage the campaign that he waged against the admittedly less experienced but talented Melina Kennedy. To win that race, he had to outspend Melina and go a little dirty.

This time around, Brizzi's record of shooting off his mouth first and then thinking about it later has been called into question in the form of a disciplinary hearing by the Indiana Supreme Court. Terry Burns over at the Indianapolis Times Blog reports that Brizzi's case will be heard by a Shelby County judge named Charles O'Connor. The outcome or settlement of that case will certainly make Brizzi's decision either tougher or easier.

Regardless, Brizzi's own actions as Marion County Prosecutor have raised plenty that Curry or any other Democrat could exploit in the run. Even if he's acquitted in the disciplinary hearing, the mere fact that he was brought up in front of the judge is, frankly, sad and embarassing for the state's largest county. This guy's the guy that prosecutes some of the state's biggest cases, for goodness sakes.

So, we wait for Brizzi to make his decision and decide what's next for his now seemingly murky political future. Grandma Easter might say, "Time's tickin' Carl. Poop or get off the pot."


Stephen said...

Judge O'Connor will not "hear" the case in the same way a judge tries a case then makes a decision. He will preside at the disciplinary hearing, but ALL decisions regarding attorney discipline are made by the 5 justices of the Indiana Supreme Court, not the hearing officer.

Jon E. Easter said...

Thanks for that, Stephen.