Monday, October 19, 2009

Personal Prerogative: Jackson to Play Guest Blogger While I'm Taking My Blog Vacation

Ok, so I know Terry Burns over at the Indianapolis Times Blog told me that there's no such thing as a blog vacation, and I think I know what he means.

So, I've decided to invite a guest blogger on board. That guest blogger is none other than my friend, Mr. Christopher Jackson. Chris is a candidate for City-County Council in District 22, but he's also the President of the University of Indianapolis College Democrats among other things. Enough...I'm going to let him introduce himself.

Thus, the views expressed for the next few days are not necessarily the views of the blog owner. This should be fun!!!

Chris...if I'm Keith Olbermann on this blog, you're my David Shuster. So, Goodnight and Good Luck!

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guy77money said...

This should be fun have a good vacation Jon!