Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nothing Like Trading Political Shots With Republican Friends

I spent about 90 minutes this morning at the non-political Ben Davis Lions Club Pancake and Sausage Breakfast at the Ben Davis University High School. It was great food and good times.

No Democratic candidates were there, but Senator Mike Delph and Representative Phil Hinkle were working the crowd. Senator Delph came up to me and handed me his business card, but I could hear in the background Rep. Hinkle "warning" him about me.

I think it's public knowledge that Rep. Hinkle and I go pretty far back. I actually went to kindergarten on the first day of school in the same car as his daughter. His daughter and I graduated from Ben Davis the same year, and his son and I used to play with our Star Wars toys together...needless to say, he has known me almost since I was born. Rep. Hinkle is an avid reader of this blog, believe it or not.

Inevitably, whenever we see each other, Phil and I get around to trading political shots with one another. My highlight this morning...he usually kids me about turning out to be a Democrat as an adult despite coming from a family and a culture of Republicans. He did it again today. My response was, "The indoctrination didn't work." Phil got in his own shot. As we're casually standing there, Phil's wife, Barb, asked me if I liked to play euchre. Big dumb me said that I did. Then, I get invited to a euchre tournament fundraiser for Phil that apparently draws a broad Republican audience.

Brett Voorhies probably would be happy to know that I won't be going, but still, it's fun trading lighthearted political shots with Rep. Hinkle. We were friendly and respectful to each other, and it was a heck of a lot of fun. We couldn't disagree more on many issues, but I enjoy talking with Rep. Hinkle...even if the indoctrination was unsuccessful.


Phil H. said...

Well put my friend. It is indeed always a pleasure to see you. Mrs. H. says she will still be sending you an invitation. JJ and Tony both send their best. We all pray that you will someday see the "light".

Anonymous said...

Mrs. H was a Democrat until she married Mr. H. When she was still Miss C., she was one of us!!

Brett said...

Thanks John...I would have been at the event but I knew nothing about.

Crossed said...

Its not the "light" its the kool-aid.