Monday, October 19, 2009

"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished," Buyer tells Indianapolis Star


The Indianapolis Star finally picked up the Steve Buyer/Frontier Foundation story Sunday, and the article was worth the wait.

In the article written by Mary Beth Schneider and Maureen Groppe, Buyer goes all savior and plays the victim. He argues that playing golf outings at some of the most beautiful courses in the world is not fun for him. He also says the foundation has every intent of awarding scholarships once they reach the $1 million mark in funds.

The article points out that much of the money raised so far by the foundation has come from special interests perhaps wanting Buyer's support for legislation. For his part, Buyer seems to blame the scrutiny for slowing down the efforts of the foundation and forcing them to be more careful with how they raise money. Kind of makes you question his motives doesn't it?

Buyer has a history of making anyone that questions him the enemy. If you go back over time, the Fourth District Congressional Rep. has not been a very welcoming opponent to anyone running against him. In 1992, he pledged to spend just 12 years in office. Today, he's in his 17th year in the body.

When he debates his opposition, it's usually only during the day after setting his own timetable. He, in most cases, declines forum invitations and requests from community groups, media organizations, and others. Incumbency has its privileges.

When challenged, Buyer usually attacks his opposition by calling them nasty or mean-spirited. If you don't believe me, ask a couple of his opponents in past elections, David Sanders or Nels Ackerson. They both received the business from Buyer.

Thus, it all makes sense that ole' Steve would react this way to the state's largest newspaper publishing a Sunday investigation piece on him. That now makes the Lafayette Journal and Courier, Talking Points Memo, WTHR-13, and the Indianapolis Star on the case. Our goal as Democrats should be to make sure that Buyer's foundation awards the scholarships to those students who would benefit from them and make sure he's held accountable for the entire situation. Spread the word!

The Fourth Congressional District can do a lot better than the lettuce smoker.


Anonymous said...

Let me ask you. Are there any Republicans you dont trash talk or is it just partisan politics as usual on this blog?

Jon E. Easter said...

Um...well...thought the title of the blog should have told you...

guy77money said...

I will have to agree this makes Buyer look real bad. I don't for one minute accept that going to golf tourney's is work! Are there any politicians left that aren't in it to enrich their family, friends and campaign ($$$) supporters!

Anonymous said...

Anyone like Buyer who is running this charity scam deserves to be talked about.

Anonymous said...

What about Evan Bayh and his foundation?

Susan Bayh on WellPoint?

Jon E. Easter said...

Neither of which have anything to do with Steve Buyer.

Anonymous said...

Buyer's son, Ryan, is Federal Affairs Manager for PhRMA which contributed $200k to the Frontier Foundation. Ryan's LinkedIn profile was taken down but is still available in a Google cache.