Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Meet Pete...If You Haven't Already

Peter Buttigieg is an exploratory candidate for Indiana Treasurer, officially. The Harvard graduate and Rhodes Scholar sent a campaign announcement e-mail to potential supporters yesterday. The e-mail stated the importance of the race and cut to the chase about why a change from the current occupant is necessary. Buttigieg writes:

"I am in this race for a number of reasons. First, Hoosiers deserve better than the current State Treasurer. Unfortunately, the incumbent has made poor decisions that have jeopardized not only our tax dollars, but Hoosier jobs. The incumbent has invested in junk bonds and other risky financial instruments. He has used this important office to launch needless partisan political attacks against President Obama, against energy reform, and against health care legislation. And, despite the thousands of Hoosier jobs it would have threatened, he even used our tax dollars to sue the federal government in an effort to stop the rescue of Chrysler.

Secondly, I think we need an innovative, proactive State Treasurer who will do more to better the lives of all our citizens. As Treasurer I will put in place policies that encourage us to invest our tax dollars in Indiana-based businesses so we can create more jobs right here at home. I will work to protect our families from unscrupulous mortgage lenders and out-of-control credit card companies. And I will work to improve transparency in the office, while aggressively promoting financial awareness and literacy.

Finally, I am running for this office because I know I am ready to do this job. I used my time at Harvard and as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford to learn the principles of economics. And in my experience as a businessman - advising leading business, nonprofit, and government leaders on major strategic decisions around the world - I have put those principles into practice, gaining insight on how to invest wisely and securely. And my involvement in state and local politics has taught me the real difference that dedicated and responsible leaders can make."

At the IDEA Convention, Pete and pals made a huge splash by putting homemade "Meet Pete" signs on the road leading into French Lick. It became a fun topic of conversation around the convention with many folks trying to figure who exactly this Pete guy was and why was everyone clamoring to meet him. When you met him, as many did, you found out why.

Meet Pete at his website,

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