Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making The Rounds: Decatur Township Version

Monday night's Decatur Township Democratic Club drew over 60 people to hear from Dr. David Orentlicher on Health Care and Dr. David Sanders on the H1N1 virus.

Orentlicher spoke at length about where the U.S. has been and where we are going in the health care battle. He offered both a historical perspective and gave some ideas about what can be done in the future to fix health care in the United States.

Sanders, a Purdue University biology professor, spoke about the current H1N1 scare and exactly how the flu works. His point was that both the H1N1 and the seasonal flu viruses are not "out to get you," but, are just out to replicate themselves and cause sickness by damaging tissue directly or causing an overreaction by the immune system.

He explained that elderly and the young need to be vaccinated and advocated school-based non-mandatory clinics to end the flu's grip on society. He also dispelled some rumors saying that the H1N1 vaccine did not get rushed into production and that it is as safe than the seasonal flu vaccine.

Advocating a "we're all in this together" attack on the flu, Sanders encouraged those holdouts to get the vaccine to not only protect yourself from infection but to protect others. He also advocated staying home from work when sick and staying away from the Emergency Room.

Both Marion County Sheriff candidates, Mark Brown and John Layton, were in the same room at the same time in front of the in the same club for the first time this campaign season. Speaking briefly, in alphabetical order, the two candidates were outwardly cordial. There seemed, however, to be something underlying the first face-to-face stare down in front of many rank-and-file D's. Brown touted the work he had already done having filed his campaign committee in June, the support gathered at his fundraiser, and how he has also worked the club scene. Layton fell back on his 35 years of experience in the Sheriff's Department and his previous candidacy for the office back in 1994. I believe the Sheriff's race on the Democratic side may end up to be the most interesting primary race to watch for 2010.

Also interesting were the comments of former Indiana Secretary of State Joe Hogsett, who recently decided to drop out of the Mayoral Marathon in 2011. Hogsett decided to quote Ecclesiastes 3:1 after stating how proud he was to still be a Decatur Township Democrat. Hogsett said, before sitting down, "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." Was Hogsett trying to tell us something? We will find out.

Also seen at the meeting:
Marion County Surveyor Debbie Jenkins
Warren Township Small Claims Court Judge Ricardo Rivera
Pike Township Advisory Board Member and candidate for Marion County Assessor Joe O'Connor
Architect Vop Osili, candidate for Indiana Secretary of State
Attorney Terry Curry, candidate for Marion County Prosecutor
Businessman Brian Williams, candidate for Mayor
Carpenter Tim Huber, candidate for Indiana House District 91
College Student Chris Jackson, candidate for City-County Council in District 22
Former Deputy Mayor Melina Kennedy, an exploratory candidate for Mayor
Former County and State Chair Kip Tew, who is considering a run for Mayor
Former Indiana Representative Orentlicher, candidate for Marion County Prosecutor
Small Business Owner Zach Adamson who did not speak but would be filing the next day as a candidate for At-Large City-County Council.

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