Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adamson, Barth To Run At-Large in 2011 for City-County Council

I'm sure there are more and there will be more running as 2011 approaches, but two candidates that I'm aware of have filed exploratory paperwork to run for City-County Council in 2011 joining Councillor Joanne Sanders on the at-large ticket.

John Barth, President of the Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association, is apparently running. Barth has a working campaign website which lists a brief resume, has a few photos, and covers the bio information. I met Barth at the Indiana Stonewall Democrats Fundraiser on Sunday for the first time.

Today, small business owner Zach Adamson is expected to file his exploratory candidacy as well. Like Barth, Adamson comes from a very strong neighborhood background with lots of experience. A graduate of the INRC Indianapolis Community Building Institute, he is the President and Founder of the Willard Park Neighborhood Association and has served four years on that board. He has three years on the Board of Directors of the Holy Cross/Westminster Neighborhood Association, seven years on the Riley Area Development Corporation Board of Directors and seven years on the Board of Directors of NESCO where he has served as chairman of fund development, as treasurer, and currently as Vice President.

Adamson resides south of 38th Street, whereas most of the other Democratic candidates for At-Large Council have traditionally resided north of that dividing line. If elected, Adamson would be the first openly gay City-County Councillor and currently serves on the board of the Indiana Stonewall Democrats. He is the grandson of Carmen Velasquez, the namesake of the Carmen Velasquez Award handed out by the Indiana Taskforce on Migrant Affairs.

Watch for other At-Large City-County Council candidate profiles as I get information from them or find their websites.


DWalk said...

Awesome. Zach, you have my vote!

Annette said...

I know Zach will do a great job! He has a good grasp of the neighborhoods and the people in them. We need someone like him on the Council.

Annette said...

I know Zach will do a great job!